CZ 600 scope mount base

How to mount a scope to your CZ 600 rifle? It depends on the exact model of CZ 600 that you have. We will explain all in this article.

CZ 600 scope mount base types

CZ uses two types of scope mount bases for the CZ 600 series rifles:

  • picatinny scope base, and
  • remington 700 type scope base.

CZ 600 scope bases

And the Remington 700 type bases further divide into three different versions based on the upper receiver. You can thus find scope base mounts in following dimensions:

  • mini,
  • medium, and
  • long.

Which base does your rifle use? It depends on the exact model and its caliber – you can check below:

For CZ 600 Alpha and CZ 600 Range check the tutorial on how to install scope to the rifle here.


Rifles with picatinny scope mount base

As long as your rifle is equipped with picatinny, you can mount many types of scope mounts & scope rings without any issue. To picatinny rail you can mount accessories with both picatinny standard as well as weaver standard (that does not work the other way around by the way).

CZ 600 Alpha
CZ 600 Alpha with picatinny rail

The length of the upper receive shall be still considered though as the size of the rail has to be long enough to accomodate the scope mount. 

Which models have picatinny scope base from factory? Its the following rifles:

Rifles with Remington 700 type scope mount base

Some of the CZ centerfire rifles of 600 series are not equipped with picatinny, but come instead with dovetail of Remington 700 type.

CZ 600 Lux

How do you mount a scope to this base? You have basically two options – either you

  • a) tranform the Remington 700 type scope base into picatinny scope base by picatinny rail, and then you can go select basically any scope mount / rings on the market, or
  • b) you get scope rings that have attachment for Remington 700 scope base. 

We also wrote more detailed article on the topic of how to select the proper scope mount for CZ 600 rifles with this type of dovetail base in this article.

And which CZ 600 rifles have this scope base? Its the following models:

Transforming Remington 700 type scope base into picatinny scope base

As there are three sizes of the upper receiver, you have to select the proper picatinny rail so that it will fit your rifle. More on CZ 600 picatinny rails in this article.

These rails differ in the screw spacing and the size. There are picatinny rails in mini size, medium size, and long size. And depending on the upper receiver size you have to select the proper one to make sure it will fit your rifle.

CZ 600 picatinny rails

And why would you want to switch the Remington 700 base into picatinny base? The main reason is wider range of scope mounts and rings. 

Getting scope mount or scope rings with attachment to the Remington 700 base

If you decide to install scope mount or rings directly to the Remington 700 base, there are many options on the market out there too.

Again, depending on the size of the upper receiver you have to select the scope mount in the proper size: mini, medium or long. 

CZ 600 scope mounts

The mounting is then done directly to the dovetail and you dont use any rail for the mounting. The mounting and demounting may be more slow than for picatinny mounts though.