CZ 600 magazines

CZ 600 magazines

CZ 600 rifles are available in 9 different calibers. Luckily enough there are not 9 different magazines, but still quite a few. In this article we make clear which magazines can be used for what which calibers.

CZ 600 models

There are five models of the CZ 600 series:

  • Alpha,
  • Ergo,
  • Lux,
  • Range, and
  • Trail.

These models however have interchangeable magazines – you can use the same magazine in CZ 600 Alpha as in CZ 600 Lux.

The difference for magazines is in calibers.


There are 9 different calibers for CZ 600 rifles and based on the caliber your rifle uses you will be searching for the matching magazine.

Luckily there are not 9 different magazines for each specific caliber, but only 4 different magazines.

Exception: CZ 600 Trail

CZ 600 Trail, CZ Bren 2 magazine 7.62x39

The exception to other magazines is CZ 600 Trail model. This rifle comes in two calibers only (7.62×39 and 223 Rem), which corresponds to the CZ Bren 2 available calibers.

For that reason CZ 600 Trail was built to house the same magazines as CZ Bren 2. For this rifle you thus have more possibilities as CZ Bren 2 mags are available in 10rnd capacity as well as in 30rnd capacity – in both calibers.

CZ 600 magazines

The compatibility of magazines is as below. As menmtioned earlier, an exception to the rest of CZ 600 series rifles is the CZ 600 Trail.

The Trail modes – both 7.62×39 and 223 Remington – come with different chamber and are actualy compatible with Bren 2 magazines.

The rest of the magazines remains interchangeable though.

7.62×39 magazine

CZ 600 magazine 7.62x39

Magazines in 7.62×39 wi work with

  • 7.62×39
  • 224 Valkyrie

30-06 Springfield magazine

CZ 600 magazine 30-06 Springfield

30-06 Springfield magazines are compatibel with CZ 600 rifes in following calibers

  • 30-06 Springfield
  • 300 Winchester Magnum
  • 8×57 IS

223 Remington magazine

CZ 600 magazine 223 Remington

Magazines for 223 Remington caliber will only work with CZ 600 in 223 Remington.

308 Winchester magazine

CZ 600 magazine 308 Winchester

308 Winchester magazines will work with 4 different calibers:

  • 308 Winchester
  • 6 mm Creedmoore
  • 6,5 Creedmoore
  • 6,5 PRC – 3r 308 WIN

CZ 600 Trail magazines

Magazines for Trail rifles are fully interchangeable with CZ Bren 2.

The only thing to keep an eye on is the caliber. CZ Bren 2 magazine in 7.62×39 will only work in CZ 600 Trail in 7.62×39.

And similarly 5.56×45 / 223 Remington magazines.

CZ 600 Trail, CZ Bren 2 magazine in 223 Remington / 5.56x45

Its worth mentioning this gives your rifle a lot of options. As all the other magazines come with capacity of 3rnd or 5rnd, the Bren 2 magazines are avaialble in 10rnd capacity as well as 30rnd capacity.

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