CZ 457 vs CZ 455: what are the main differences

CZ 457 vs CZ 457: main differences

CZ has very long tradition in the field of rimfire rifles. Starting with its Brno rimfires in 1950s, which you can still find well functioning out there, up to this day its more than 70 years of rimfire production. Since 2019 the latest series of rimfires bear the name CZ 457. How do they differ from the older CZ 455 series? We compare these two series in detail.

Although the CZ 455 spare parts and CZ 457 spare parts are often interchangeable, there are many differences between these two CZ rimfire series.

CZ 457 vs CZ 455: what changed

Even though some of the main parts remain the same for CZ 457 and CZ 455 – magazines in 22 LR as well as in 22 WMR – many mechanism have changed. We will go one by one for each of the changed or enhanced parts of the rifles.

Its worth noting that many changes between CZ 455 and CZ 457 come simply from the fact that the series come in various models. Thus the fact that some CZ 455 rifles had one stock and some CZ 457 rifles have another stock is not really to be considered change, as the stocks change from model to model.

CZ 457 bolt handleBolt handle

All the CZ 455 rifles had bolt handle with 90 degrees angle. New CZ 457 rifles have bolt handle with reduced angle of 60 degrees.

In part the bolt handle moved up to very high position close to the scope itself. With the reduced angle you will be able to open bolt with 1/3 less movement.

If you are used for the 90 degrees handle, you will have a little difficulty to get used to it in first, but over time you will enjoy the faster reload time that is achieved by this feature.


Older models had quite differently solved safety.

CZ 455 safety
CZ 455 safety

The safety lever was not very ergonomical and CZ corrected this with the CZ 457 series by implementing vertical push-to-fire safety on the right side of the rifle. 

This new safety also allows demounting of the rifle whether the safety is engaged or not.

CZ 457 safety
CZ 457 safety

The main benefit of the new safety lever is much more easier manipulation with the safety when shooting.

Striker indicator

What is very handy tool is the new striker indicator enhancement.

CZ 457 striker indicator off

Once you have the rifle cocked, there is a red pin that is very well visible as well as touchable (in dark conditions).

CZ 457 striker indicator on

Compared to this, older CZ 455 rifles did not have such indicator at all. You can detect whether the 455 rifle is cocked or not also by look, but the visibility is much worse.


CZ 455 rifle allowed slight adjustments in terms of trigger pull. CZ 457 rifles however opened the trigger for much more trigger adjustments.

With CZ 457 you can adjust

CZ 457 trigger

 The trigger is from factory set to 2lb and can be by yourself adjusted within the range from 1,4lb up to 2,6lb. 

You can adjust trigger travel movement by a distance from 0.5mm up to 5mm.

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