CZ 452 scope mounting guide

In this article we show you how to go about selecting the scope mount for your CZ 452.

We explain what are the possible scope bases for CZ 452, how to transfer one type of base into another type of base, and finally how to find the right scope mount or scope rings for your CZ rimfire.

Two types of scope bases

CZs for many generations already have from factory dovetail with 11mm wide base & 60 degrees angle. For that dovetail base you have two ways of how to install a scope to your rifle:

a) you can install scope rings directly to the 11mm dovetail base, or

b) you can transform the dovetail base into picatinny base.

We will look into both of these options in more detail below.

Vortex scope

CZ 452 scope rings for 11mm dovetail base

Getting scope rings installed directly to the factory 11mm dovetail base is the more simple solution of those two avialalb.e

Installation is done simply by tightening the mounting claps by screw so that the rings are securely fixed to the dovetail cut. 

This solution is also cheaper as you do not need to get any additional rail to the rifle and the rings attach directly to the rifle. On the other hand, this system of mounting does not allow usage of any quick detach mechanisms, nor tactical scope mounts.

CZ 457 2-Piece Dovetail Scope Mount

For this installation you need to get scope rings with adequate base (11mm dovetail base with 60 degrees angle). You will find such also by searching “CZ 457 scope rings” – because the base is the same for CZ 452 models as for CZ 457 models

CZ 452 scope mount & scope rings for for picatinny base

For more demanding usage you will want to get a picatinny scope mount (or scope rings).

What is the difference? Because of the standardized mounting system of picatinny base, you will be able to get much more types of scope rings for your rifle, and you will also be able to easily switch the scope between different rifles. As long as those rifles are also equipped with picatinny base.

We explain how to transfer your dovetail base into picatinny base below.

CZ 455 picatinny rail
CZ 452 picatinny rail

Main advantages of picatinny base:

  • many available positions,
  • wide range of mounts and rings,
  • allows quick detach mounting,
  • mounts & scope rings are interchangeable between rifles with picatinny abse.

There are some negatives to picatinny base also:

  • higher price as you have to get rail and also the scope mount or rings itself, and
  • additional weight added by tghe rail.
Scope Mount with Quick Detach
Scope Mount with Quick Detach

How to transform 11mm dovetail base into picatinny base

European CZ 452 rifles share the same type of picatinyn rail as CZ 455 rifles. Therefore you can use the CZ 455 picatinny rail to transform your 11mm dovetail base into picatinny base on your CZ 452 rifle.

For US CZ 452 rifles you will have to search for rails made specifically for CZ 452.