CZ 457 trigger upgrade options

The factory trigger from CZ 457 rifles is already amazing as it comes. But you can make the trigger even better. And in this article we sho you how.

Adjusting the factory CZ 457 trigger

You may have not known about this, but the CZ 457 that you own already offers wide range of adjustability.

What can you adjust with the factory trigger?

  • trigger pull weight,
  • trigger overtravel, and
  • trigger pretravel.
CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism
CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism

We made a detailed guide on how to adjust each of these in separate articles. Each operation is quite simple and can be done in your house with basic tools:

Although the adjustable parts of trigger offer wide range of alterations for your needs, it is still limited to the factory parts. But you can solve that too as shown below.

Aftermarket trigger

As you run out of the possibilities of adjusting the factory trigger, you may consider getting an aftermarket trigger. There is one amazing piece from Timney Triggers, USA [link].

With this trigger you will be able to further reduce the trigger weight as you can choose from 10oz up to 2 pounds.

CZ 457 Timney Trigger
CZ 457 Timney Trigger

These triggers also come in two variants – more pupular curved trigger, or straight trigger. Excellent processing quality, top materials and unique enhancements from Timney make this great choice if you want to push the trigger further.

Aftermarket trigger springs

But you may dont need to go for the whole trigger. There are aftermarket producers of solely the trigger springs that will allow you to considerably reduce trigger pull weight. 

And since most shooters want to primarily reduce the trigger pull weight, this may be a good aftermarket piece to consider.

CZ 457 Lighter Trigger Spring
CZ 457 Lighter Trigger Spring

There is this trigger spring set from CZ Parts [link] that reduces the trigger pull weight by 50%. Also it comes together with stronger striker spring which further enhances your shooting experience