CZ 457 scope mounts type comparison

As an owner of CZ 457 you have quite a few options on how to mount a scope to your rifle. There are advantages and disadvantages related to all of the scope rings systems. We will show how to choose the right scope rings.

Scope rings types

There are more types of rings, and not all of them will be compatible with your CZ 457.

Some scope mounts will require picatinny base (we write how to get one for your CZ 457 here), some will allow mounting directly to the CZ 457 dovetail.

Original CZ 457 Picatinny Rail [Aluminium]
Original CZ 457 Picatinny Rail [Aluminium]
We will show you the scope mounts that will be possible to get to your CZ 457 rifle only.

One piece scope mount

You will find most of one piece scope mounst with attachment to picatinny. How to install a picatinny to your CZ 457 – we put together whole installation guide of picatinny rail to CZ 457 here.

One piece scope mounts can be further devided into three groups:

  • quick detach scope mounts,
  • tactical scope mounts, and
  • combination of both – quick detach tactical scope mounts.

Quick detach scope mount

CZ 457 1-Piece Scope Mount
CZ 457 1-Piece Scope Mount

Gnerally these mounts tend to be heavier as other one piece mounts too.

The main advantage is the possibility of quick mounting and demounting.

If you use more rifles with more scopes, with these quick detach mounts you will be able to switch easily.

Tactical scope mount

CZ 457 1-Piece Scope Mount Tactical
CZ 457 1-Piece Scope Mount Tactical

Compared to quick detach scope mounst the tactical mounts tend to be even heavier.

These mounts are often equipped with additional rails either on side, on top or with 45 degrees in order to allow mounting of additional red dot. That is for switching to shooting in shorter distances compared to what the scope is supposed to be used for [see Spuhr tactical scope mounts].

The big positivity of these is the compatibility with other optic solutions, such as the mentioned red dots. With these you will be able to quickly change from long distance to short distance target.

Quick detach tactical scope mount

CZ 457 1-Piece Tactical Scope Mount with Quick Detach
CZ 457 1-Piece Tactical Scope Mount with Quick Detach

And of course you can also get a combination of both: quick detach scope mount with additional rails for red dot mounting.

These mounts tend to be the heaviest of them all as they bear the most material on it. Also these are the most complex solutions on the market.

Two piece scope rings

These scope mounts come in two pieces. That brings one obvious negativitiy – more difficult manipulation for transportation.

On the other hand, as the rings can be moved separately and are not connected by a piece of metal as with one piece mounts, these two piece rings offer a lot of adjustability. You will be position these scope rings just as you need.

The two piece scope rings can also be further divided into more categories. The first division is looking into the different mounting system: dovetail and picatinny / weaver.

Scope rings with dovetail mounting

CZ 457 2-Piece Dovetail Scope Mount
CZ 457 2-Piece Dovetail Scope Mount

Scope rings mounted directly to the dovetail are great in its light weight. You will save few dozens of grams of aluminium or steel by simply not using the picatinny scope base. And instead, by mounting the scope rings directly to the dovetail.

The negative side of the dovetail scope rings is the limited offerings. Given the dovetail of each rifle can be different, there are not so many of them being made for specific dovetail sizes.

By the way, CZ 457 models use 11mm dovetail with 60 degree angle.

Also by the system of installation of these rings it does not allow quick detach mechanism for mounting.

And how to install such dovetail scope rings? We explain in detail in this article.

Scope rings with picatinny mounting

CZ 457 2-Piece Picatinny Scope Mount
CZ 457 2-Piece Picatinny Scope Mount

Scope rings with picatinny interface for mounting are much more common. That comes simply from the fact that picatinny is universal system.

You will thus be able to find scope rings in many different heights, weights, finishes etc. These can be also divided into two groups: quick detach (QD), and tactical.

Quick detach scope rings
CZ 457 2-Piece Scope Rings with Quick Detach
CZ 457 2-Piece Scope Rings with Quick Detach

As with one piece QD (Quick Detach) scope mounts, these allow also fast demounting of the scope from the rifle.

Compared to the one piece quick detach mount this will be better in low weight, yet the manipulation will be more complicated. 

Tactical scope rings
CZ 457 2-Piece Tactical Scope Mount
CZ 457 2-Piece Tactical Scope Mount

Tactical scope rings that come in two pieces are rather rare to find, but they also exist.

These again combine the benefits from lower weight compared to one piece tactical mounts, but the negativity of worse manipulation.

Tactical scope two piece mounts often come without the additional rails installed as instead they just allow the mounting afterwards.