How to replace grips on CZ P01 pistol

CZ P01 uses rubber grips with 3D textture from production. Although many shooters find those amazing as they are, you may want to improve the grip even more. We show you how to replace the factory grips for any aftermarket grips out there.

Why to replace factory grips

There are few rational reasons why to replace them, and some less rational reasons, but still reasons valid nevertheless.

Lets go through them:

  • Enhancement of the grip – you may prefer rougher texture.
  • Preferable material – the factory grips are made of rubber. With steel / aluminium gun (depends on which CZ P01 model you have), some may want to level up the game and have the grips of more durable materials also.
  • Smaller / larger hand – if you do not fit into the standardized size of CZ 75 grips, you may need to enlarge the grips, or ensmaller them. I.e. if your hand is smaller, you may want to use thinner grips, if your hand is larger, you will rather go for more robust 3D grips.
  • Design – lets be honest, most of us change the grips to give the gun more distinct looks. And it works perfect, grips being the largest part of the gun that is easily replaceable, grips are great opportunity for making your gun more unique.
CZ P01 3D Ergonomic Grips
CZ P01 3D Ergonomic Grips

How to replace factory grips

Replacement of the grips is not a complicated process at all. It can be done at home, you will need only a screwdriver and some fabric for cleaning.

Lets go step by step:

  1. As always, make sure your gun is empty and secure.
  2. Place the gun on straight surface.
  3. Use screwdriver to unscrew the screws that hold the grips to the gun.

    CZ P-01 Grip Screw
    CZ P-01 Grip Screw
  4. Once the screws are out, gently remove the grips – try not to push them over the surface, rather remove them directly. (In case there would be some dirt under it so that the frame does not get scratched.)
  5. Clean the surface with the fabric so that the frame is clean before mounting new grips.

    CZ P-01 with Grips Demounted
    CZ P-01 with Grips Demounted
  6. Place the grips on the gun into matching position. You need to make sure the screw hole match the thread on the grip.
  7. Screw the new screws that came together with your new grips inside of the grip so that the grips are tight attached to the frame. Tighten the screws gently.
  8. Grip replacement is finished!

Compatibility of CZ P01 grips

As CZ shares the same frame for more models, you can use the same grips on more models. I.e. the grips that will work with CZ P01 will work also with other CZ 75 Compact models.

CZ P-01 Thin Grips
CZ P-01 Thin Grips

Namely grips for any of the listed models below will work with all other models listed there: