CZ 457 stock types

CZ 457 models offer wide range of stocks. And they are quite easily interchangeable. It will therefore come handy to know for which stocks can you replace the original one.

CZ has most of its parts interchangeable between older models – for example .22 LR magazines from CZ 457 will work with CZ rimfires decade old as we write here. However stocks are not the case and for each series they are different. Therefore you cannot use CZ 455 stock for CZ 457 models. That is not such an issue though as there are plenty of stocks made for CZ 457 too.

And although the CZ 457 spare parts are same for all the models, the stocks are different for each mdoel.

CZ 457 stocks

CZ offers wide range of stocks and you can change them with basic equipment on your own. You can also find aftermarket stocks in perfect quality, such as stocks from GRS, or from Boyds

CZ 457 GRS Hunter Light Stock
CZ 457 GRS Hunter Light Stock

If you want to go for original CZ stocks, the offerings are quite wide as well – as the table below shows


How to change a stock on your CZ 457

As mentionde above, the demounting of original stock and installation of new stock is not difficult.

The stock is held by two screws – shorter in the front, longer in the back. Lets go step by step on how to remove the old stock:

  1. First of all, make sure the chamber of your rifle is empty
  2. Remove the bolt – with CZ 457 models there is a bolt release button on the left side that needs to be pushed
  3. Remove the magazine from the rifle
  4. Lie the rifle up side down
  5. Slightly loosen up each of the screws holding the trigger guard to the stock
  6. Once both are loosened up, you can remove the screws completely
  7. Remove the trigger guard
  8. Take the stock up
  9. Remove the recoil lug which remained in the old stock

Once the stock is removed, you can now go ahead to install the new stock in. The steps are as follows:

  1. Put the recoil lug from old stock into the new stock
  2. Insert the barrel and action from the top into the stock, so that the recoil lug does not fall out from the stock
  3. Make sure all lines up and carefully turn the rifle over
  4.  Put the trigger guard back on its position
  5. Put the short screw to the front, rear screw to the rear
  6. Torque the screws with 3.5 Nm
  7. Put the magazine back in
  8. Put the bolt back in

And thats all, with that the stock change is complete and your rifle is fully functionable again.