CZ 457 magazines

CZ 457 rimfires are available in two calibers: .22 LR and .22 WMR / Magnum. Each caliber requires different magazines, and these magazines are made in different variants. Lets look into it.

CZ 457 magazines in .22 LR

For .22 LR CZ offers wide range of products. You can choose from two different materials used as well as in three different capacities.

If you would be interested in more detailed look into these mags, check the CZ 457 magazines comparison.

Materials of the .22 LR magazines

CZ 457 magazines are being made either from steel or from polymer.

CZ 457 .22 LR Steel Magazine
CZ 457 .22 LR Steel Magazine

Steel magazines look and feel better, but the negative side is higher price (cca 50% more expensive) and considerably higher weight.

On the other hand, polymer magazines will survive less harsh treatment due to the nature of polymer material.

CZ 457 .22 LR magazine 5rnd
CZ 457 .22 LR magazine 5rnd

Capacity of the .22 LR magazines

It is also important to take into consideration the capacity of the magazines.

CZ 457 Steel .22 LR Magazine 10rnd
CZ 457 Steel .22 LR Magazine 10rnd

The options differ based on the materials used. Steel magazines for .22 LR caliber only come in two versions – as 5rnd magazine and as 10rnd magazine.

On the other hand, polymer magazines are available from CZ in three different sizes. You can find CZ 457 magazine in 5rnd capacity, in 10rnd capacity as well as large magazine with 25rnd capacity.

CZ 457 Polymer .22 LR Magazine 25rnd

Compatibility of .22 LR magazines

CZ has very long tradition as a leading rimfire manufacturer and the .22 LR magazine housing remains the same. Thanks to that, you can use modern CZ 457 magazines in your old CZ rimfire as well. We wrote about compatibility with older CZs in more detail in this article: CZ 452, CZ 455 & CZ Brno Rimfire Magazines.

CZ 457 magazines in .22 WMR / Magnum

CZ makes some of its most popular rimfires also in .22 WMR / Magnum – such as CZ 457 American. These have different magazines from standard .22 LR and its important to make sure you buy mags for the correct caliber.

CZ 457 Polymer .22 WMR Magazine 5rnd
CZ 457 Polymer .22 WMR Magazine 5rnd

Materials of the .22 WMR magazines

All CZ magazines for .22 WMR / Magnum caliber are made of polymer.

Although some classic designed rimfires would look better with steel magazine, the offerings are limited for polymer mags only at the moment.

Capacity of the .22 WMR magazines

For .22 WMR CZ makes two types of polymer magazines. You can get either magazine with 5rnd capacity (as photo above), or magazine with 10rnd capacity.


CZ 457 Polymer .22 WMR Magazine 10rnd
CZ 457 Polymer .22 WMR Magazine 10rnd

Compatibility of .22 WMR magazines

Even magazines of older CZ rimfires in .22 LR are interchangeable fully, it is not the same in .22 WMR caliber.

CZ over the years changed the construction of magazine for .22 WMR slightly and therefore you have to choose from magazines fitting your CZ 457 rifle. Alternatively also magazines made for CZ 455 and CZ 512 in .22 WMR will fit your CZ 457. Such as these.

Magazines in .22 WMR / Magnum for older models (such as CZ 452, CZ 453) are made slightly different though and cannot be used in CZ 457 models.