CZ 457 picatinny system guide

How to switch from dovetail to picatinny on your CZ 457? You can do it yourself with basic tools at home. And we show you how to do it.

Why you need picatinny

Main argument for moving from dovetail to picatinny is much wider range of accessories. Picatinny can be also reffered to as MIL-STD-1913 rail or STANAG 2324 rail (source).

Spuhr Tactical Scope Mount
Tactical Scope Mount for Picatinny

Picatinny allows mounting of all accessories with picatinny or with weaver mounting system. What types of mounts will work on picatinny rails? Check this article for more details.
Its worth noting though that although you can mount weaver system accessories to Picatinny system, you cannot do it vice versa. I.e. you cannot install Picatinny mount to weaver rail, but you can install Weaver mount to Picatinny rail.

As we further explain in this article, dovetail allows only very limited amount of accessories to be mounted on it. Also the installation is more complicated and does not allow quick demounting when needed.

Which picatinny rail for CZ 457

You have to go for rail made specifically for CZ 457. Luckily enough, the individual models from CZ 457 series do not differ with the position of ejection window or dovetail itself, and thus the same rail can be used for CZ 457 Lux as for CZ 457 Varmint.

Original CZ 457 Picatinny Rail [Aluminium]
Original CZ 457 Picatinny Rail [Aluminium]

As far as we know, there rails are made in two variants considering the material:

  • aluminium picatinny rail [which is from CZ itself], and
  • steel picatinny rail [aftermarket].

Advantage of the aluminium rail is obviously low weight, disadvantage then more fragile material compared to steel. For the steel rail it works the other way – advantage be more sturdy material, disadvantage higher weight.

Picatinny rail for CZ 457 left handed models

CZ 457 Picatinny rail for left handed shooters
CZ 457 Picatinny rail for left handed shooters

Nevertheless, if your CZ is “LH” – for left handed shooter – you have it more difficult. Instead of classic rail for CZ 457, you have to go for CZ 457 left handed rail. As explained further here, the position of ejection window requires to have special rail with properly positioned space.

How to install picatinny rail

Installation is easy and simple. In case your rail comes with screws already in, be sure to remove them to avoid situation where they would interfere during mounting on the dovetail. Once its secured that the screws do not stick out on the lower side of the rail, you can carefully mount it on the dovetail.

The mounting is done by sliding the rail from the back of the dovetail to the front. If it does not go easy, most probably you dont have it positioned in even position.

Once placed correctly, you can go ahead for attaching it by the screws.

As the aluminium is more fragile material, you will need to use recommended torque. As CZ Parts states, for the original CZ alu picaitnny rail you will need to use the following torque for the scrwes: for M5 – 1.5 Nm, for M4 – 1 Nm and for M3 – 0.5 Nm.

The steel picatinny rail is by nature more sturdy and thus torque is not recommended.

We also wrote more detailed picatinny rail installation guide here.