CZ 457 accessories overview

CZ 457 models allow wide range of aftermarket accessories. And because the base of the rifle remains the same, these work with all CZ 457 models. Lets find out what you can upgrade on your CZ 457 rifle.

CZ 457 trigger enhancements

Triggers, or trigger enhancements.

Factory CZ 457 trigger allows full adjustability:

If you want to go further, you can replace the whole trigger as such. US manufacturer Timney offers great custom Timney trigger for CZ 457.

CZ 457 Timney Trigger
CZ 457 Timney Trigger

Timney makes these in two variants – curved or straight – and with four different trigger pull weight springs – 10oz, 1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb.

If you are not looking for whole trigger and only want to reduce trigger pull weight, you can only go for the lighter trigger spring. CZ Parts offers set of set of CZ 457 springs for trigger pull reduction. It reduces the trigger pull weight from factory 2lb down to 1lb (0.5kg) trigger pull weight. That lighter trigger spring comes in set together with adjusted striker spring for better consistency of ignition.

More info on trigger upgrades here.

CZ 457 scope mounts / rings

In case your CZ 457 is equipped with picatiny rail from factory (such as CZ 457 MDT or CZ 457 LRP), you can go for scope mounts for Picatinny / Weaver mounting system.

Tactical Scope Mount with Side Rail
Tactical Scope Mount with Side Rail

In case your CZ 457 is not equipped with picatinny rail from factory, you have a decision to make – either you can go for scope rings that attach directly to the dovetail of your CZ 457 frame, or you can go for picatinny / weaver rail to which you then attach separate scope mount. We wrote full article on this in here, surely check it if not sure what to choose.

Scope Mount with Quick Detach
Scope Mount with Quick Detach

We wrote complete mount & base selection guide here. Also you can find here a full guide on how to install a mount to your CZ 457 rifle.

CZ 457 magazines

Although there are not aftermarket magazines for CZ 457 rifles, CZ makes quite a few on its own.

We also wrote very detailed comparison of CZ 457 magazines in this article.

CZ 457 Polymer .22 LR Magazine 25rnd
CZ 457 Polymer .22 LR Magazine 25rnd

There are different magazines based on the caliber of your CZ 457 rifle:

  • magazines for CZ 457 in .22 LR caliber, and
  • magazines for CZ 457 in .22 WMR / Magnum caliber.

Those are not interchangeable and we recommend double checking the caliber before ordering one.

These come in more variants. For the more common caliber of .22 LR you will be able to find mags in either polymer or steel, and in capacity of 5rnd, 10rnd or 25rnd.

CZ 457 Steel .22 LR Magazine 10rnd
CZ 457 Steel .22 LR Magazine 10rnd

For caliber .22 WMR / Magnum you will have less options. CZ makes .22 WMR mags in 5rnd or 10rnd capacity. Both of those are made of polymer. 

Which CZ rifle models are available in .22 WMR / Magnum caliber? We wrote in this article.

CZ 457 Polymer .22 WMR Magazine 10rnd
CZ 457 Polymer .22 WMR Magazine 10rnd

You may also want to check our article on CZ 457 magazines to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

CZ 457 compensators

Why would you go for compensator? The main reason behind installation of compensator to your CZ 457 it is better gas exhaustion. 

For compensator to be mounted though, you have to have threaded barrel. Although most CZ 457 models have such, not all of them do.

Compensators need to be either with matching thread, or you can let your gunsmith re-thread it.

CZ 457 Compensator
CZ 457 Compensator

CZ makes two types of compensators. They do not differ in the thread (that is standard 1/2×20 UNF), but they differ in the thickness of the material. 

As CZ 457 models come with two different types of barrels: light American barrel and heavy Varmint barrel [full comparison here], CZ makes these compensators also in two variants in order to match the thickness of the barrel. Thus you either go for CZ 457 Varmint compensator or CZ 457 American compensator.

CZ 457 slings

CZ offers wide range of slings for its rifles – be it CZ 457 rifles, CZ 600 rifles or older CZ 527 rifles.

What do they differ in? Besides obvious difference in color, these differ also in materials.

Although all of the slings are rubbered from the lower side to avoid falling of the sling from the shoulder during movement, the rest of the materials differ. CZ makes slings from nylon, tweed, and genuine leather

CZ 457 stocks

As with slings, CZ 457 also has wide range of stocks. You can also change the stock on CZ 457 realtively easily by yourself.

There are original CZ stocks as well as many quality aftermarket stock manufacturers that create great wooden stocks for CZ 457. We wrote more details on CZ 457 stocks in this article, make sure to check that one to get more insight.