CZ 455 scope mount & scope rings guide

Whether your CZ 455 rifle is equipped with iron sights or not, you may want to mount a scope to it. Here we show you how to do it. After you are done with reading, you will know all the ways how to properly install scope mount or scope rings to your CZ rimfire rifle, and thus how to mount a scope to your CZ 455.

Two ways of mounting a scope to CZ 455

CZ rimfires for many generations already have from factory dovetail with 11mm wide scope base. This dovetail base system gives you two options when it comes to installation of scope mount or scope rings:

Vortex scope

As with always, each option has its benefits and its negatives. We will show each of those for each solution below.

Scope mounts & scope rings to dovetail base

This option is the more simple one. It is however offering thinner range of mounts to work with – the scope base mechanism allows only tightening screws that hold the mount tight to the dovetail cut, and thus you will not be able to get any kinds of tactical scope mounts or scope mounts with quick detach mechanism.

CZ 457 2-Piece Dovetail Scope Mount

If you however plan to get scope mount and keep it there for good, this is probably the best way to go for scope mounting. You can also check the CZ 455 scope rings installation guide.

Scope mounts & scope rings for picatinny base

If you want more utility from the scope mount, other than just holding a scope firmly to the rifle, you will be happier with picatinny scope base. Why? It allows you to use very wide range of mounts and rings that use either picatinny or weaver mounting mechanism.

CZ 455 picatinny rail
CZ 455 picatinny rail

Main advantages of picatinny mounts:

  • various mounting positions,
  • wide range of products,
  • quick detach mounting,
  • easy mounting and demounting of scope mount (in case of usage on more rifles with picatinny rail).

Its not only positives for CZ 455 scope mounts for picatinny base – the negative side is definitely:

  • higher price as you have to get rail and also the scope mount or rings itself, and
  • additional weight added by tghe rail.
Scope Mount with Quick Detach
Scope Mount with Quick Detach

Transforming dovetail base to picatinny base

Although CZ rimfires have the same dovetail cut, and also many CZ 455 spare parts are interchangeable with other CZ rimfires, the picatinny rails are different for each CZ rimfires series.

That is because the exact position of ejection window changes with each series. For that reason you have to look specifically for picatinny rail for CZ 455 to make sure its compatible.

How to install picatinny rail to your CZ 455 rifle? We wrote detailed guide here.

What is different in CZ 457 compared to 455? We show in detail here.

Scope rings or scope mount for CZ 455?

Scope rings and scope mounts are often used interchangeably. There is a difference between those two products though.

Two piece picatinny scope rings
Two piece picatinny based scope rings

As the name suggests, scope rings are two separate rings. These are being made both for picatinny as for the 11mm dovetail scope base.

Scope mounts on the other hand are two rings that are connected firmly. These are mostly available for picatinny base as it requires a rail in the full length on which it is mounted.

Spuhr Tactical Scope Mount
One piece picatinny based scope mount