CZ 452 scope base

CZ discontinued its 452 rifles few years back already. However, for the great quality of these rifles, you will be still be able to find many aftermarket CZ 452 rifles in great quality. And if you decide to instlal a scope to such rifle, we wrote this article so you can navigate through the scope base options more easily. So that you can then find the fitting scope mount / scope rings for CZ 452.

CZ 452 factory 11mm dovetail scope base

CZ 452 rifles are from production equipped with 11mm wide dovetail base with 60 degrees angle.

This type of scope base is used for CZ rimfire rifles for decades already. And although it is by far not universal type of base such as picatinny or weaver, you can still find scope rings that will work on the factory dovetail base.

This type of base is more simple out of the two as it allows installation of the rings directly to the dovetail, without any middle connection rails.

CZ 457 Scope Rings
11mm dovetail scope rings

On the other hands, you can do the installation by tightening the clamps around the 11mm dovetail for fixation. And as a result, the construction of the ring base will not allow you to use any sort of quick detach levers.

Using the factory dovetail base is ideal if you do not plan to demount and mount the scope & mount often. Instead, if you want to keep the scope installed on the rifle for good, this solution is ideal for you.

CZ 452 picatinny scope base

Picatinny scope base is very popular for various reasons.

Two piece picatinny scope rings
Two piece picatinny scope rings

Among the main reasons for picatinny base:

  • you can use the scope mount easily for different rifles,
  • easy mounting and demounting,
  • the construction allows quick detachment,
  • you can get very wide range of scope rings and scope mounts with picatinny base.

If your rifle is not equipped with picatinny base from factory however, you need to get one aftermarket.

CZ 455 picatinny rail
CZ 455 picatinny rail also fits european CZ 452

Because these rifles were discontinued long time ago, its not so easy to find such rail. CZ states that the picatinny rail for CZ 455 from CZ production will work also on european CZ 452 rifles. That means that not only CZ 455 rails from CZ factory, but also aftermarket rail for CZ 455 will work on european CZ 452 models.

If your rifle is not european version however, you have to look for only aftermarket options such as these.