CZ 452 magazines compatibility

Which magazines will work in the CZ 452 rifles? We explain the compatibility in every detail and every caliber in this article.

CZ 452 magazines in 22 LR caliber

CZ rimfires share the same magazine chamber for generations by now. Although we never tried to use the very old CZ Brno magazines in new rimfires, we can confirm that even the new magazines made for CZ 457 series will work in the old CZ Brno models.

That means that all the 22 long rifle caliber magazines from new CZ production will also work perfectly also in old CZ 452 rifles – whether european or american.

Available magazines in 22 LR

Polymer Magazine 25rnd
Polymer Magazine 25rnd

CZ makes 5 types of magazines for the new CZ 457 series and all of them will fit without issue also in CZ 452.

  • 5rnd polymer magazine ~ 13g weight
  • 5rnd steel magazine ~ 47g weight
  • 10rnd polymer magazine ~ 20g weight
  • 10rnd steel magazine ~ 100g weight
  • 25rnd polymer magazine ~ 169g weight

All the new made magaznies have polymer mag pad and the body of the magazine itself differs as listed above.

Very detailed comparison of the above listed magazines is available here.

CZ 452 magazines in 22 WMR (Magnum) caliber

Although CZ shares the same magazines across generations of CZ rimfires, that is only true for 22 long rifle. If you have rifle in 22 WMR / Magnum caliber then you dont have the same luxury of choosing any CZ magazine out there and be fine.

CZ 452 WMR polymer magazine 10rnd
CZ 452 WMR polymer magazine 10rnd

You have to look specifically for 22 WMR / Magnum magazine for CZ 452.

Why? Because the later CZ rimfire series (CZ 455 and CZ 457 models) had slightly different shaped magazine and you will not be able to make the CZ 457 WMR magazine work in CZ 452 WMR.

Available magazines in 22 WMR

For Magnum (22 WMR) caliber CZ made, and up to the day of writing still makes, two types of magazines:

CZ 452 WMR steel magazine 5rnd
CZ 452 WMR steel magazine 5rnd
  • 5rnd steel magazine for 22 WMR, and
  • 10rnd polymer magazine for 22 WMR.