CZ 455 magazines compatibility guide

Will your old CZ rimfire magazine work also in CZ 455 rifle? Can the new CZ 457 magazine be used also in CZ 455? We explain in this article.

*What are the differences between CZ 455 and CZ 457? We show the main changes in this article.*

Magazines in .22 LR

The newest series of CZ rimfire rifles (CZ 457) has 5 different magazines to offer when it comes to 22 LR caliber (detailed CZ 457 magazine comparison).

These magazines were however not made specifically for CZ 457 but are in production for longer time as they served also older CZ rifmires.

Therefore you can easily use these magazines into your CZ 455 magazines, as those are the same.

CZ 455 magazines
CZ 455 magazines

In past CZ offered also a set with steel magazine base pads, which suited perfectly to the steel magazines (both 5rnd and 10rnd version), but those sets are almost impossible to get anymore. Thus you will have to be happy with the steel magazines with polymer mag pads.

Polymer Magazine 25rnd

For your CZ 455 rifle in 22 lr caliber you can mount following CZ magazines:

  • 10 rnd steel magazine
  • 5rnd steel magazine
  • 25rnd polymer magazine
  • 10rnd polymer magazine
  •  5rnd polymer magazine

The magazine housing is the same and thus all the CZ 457 magazines will also work with CZ 455 rifles. These are fully compatible even with older CZ rimfire models, incl CZ 452, CZ453 or CZ Brno rifles.

Magazines in .22 WMR / 17 HMR

There are less options for CZ rimfire magazines in 22 WMR (Magnum) and 17 HMR calibers.

CZ 455 magazine in 22 WMR

As CZ for 22 long rifle caliber offeres magazines both in steel and in polymer, for WMR / HMR caliber they only make magazines in polymer.

Also the capacity is limited as only 5rnd and 10rnd versions of these magazines are available.

Luckily though, for CZ 455 rifles you can use the same magazines as for latest CZ 457 series models. The magazine housing is the same.

CZ 455 magazine in 22 WMR

However that does not work the same for older magazines. Compared to CZ 455 and CZ 457 rifles, the older rimfire models in 22 WMR / 17 HMR calibers used different magazines.

Those are therefore not compatible with the newer CZ 455 rifles and CZ 457 rifles.

CZ 452 magazine in 22 WMR
CZ 452 magazine in 22 WMR