How to install picatinny rail to CZ 455

If you plan to install picatinny or weaver rail to your rifle, you are here right. We show you how to install picatinny rail to your CZ 455 rifle so that you can install any scope mount or scope rings on the market.

Why install picatinny rail to your CZ

Main reason for why why to install picatinny base to your CZ rimfire rifle is to get the most universal scope rings mounting interface. 

Such universal mounting interface then allows to use interchangeably scope together with the scope mount with picatinny base on different rifles easily.

CZ 455 picatinny rail with 25 MOA angle
CZ 455 picatinny rail with 25 MOA angle

Even though it is not necessary to get a picatinny base to your CZ 455 rifle in order to mount a scope, it is the most used solution. In case you would like to go for dovetail mounting, check this CZ 455 scope rings installation guide.

If you have a LH rifle (for left handed shooters) then you will run into a problem though. The picatinny rails for CZ455 are being made only for the standard rifles with bolt on the right side. How to solve such issue? You will not be able to use picatinny but you still can mount scope directly to the dovetail. You just have to use scope mounts with the proper attachment for the CZ 455 11mm dovetail (as photo below).

CZ 457 2-Piece Dovetail Scope Mount
CZ 455 scope rings with 11mm dovetail base

How to install picatinny rail

We will show step by step how to mount a picatinny rail to your CZ rifle:

  1. As always, first make sure your rifle is with empt and magazine removed from the rifle.
  2. Put your rifle into stable position. 
  3. From the back of the rail start mounting in the picatinny rail

    CZ 457 Picatinny Rail Mounting
    CZ 455 Picatinny Rail Mounting
  4. Make sure the screws match the predrilled holes in the dovetail
  5. Once the rail is in the right position, you can start fasten the screws

    CZ 457 Picatinny Rail Mounted
    CZ 455 Picatinny Rail Mounted
  6. Make sure to follow the instructions for the recommended torque. With the original CZ picatinny rail the recommended torque is 0.32 Nm for the smaller screws and 0.2 Nm for the larger screws.
  7. Once the screws are in, the rail is ready for use.

Now you can go ahead and install the scope rings with picatinny installation base. 

Video manual