Types of CZ P09 holsters

As soon as you purchase a gun, you need to get a good quality holster that will fit your intended use. In this article we show you from which holsters you can choose for your CZ P09.

CZ P-09 holsters

CZ P-09 allows many aftermarket upgrades. Afterall, most of the CZs are built to be further easily improved for customization by the user. Other than selection of good sights, getting compatible magazines, enhanced grips, fitting mag pads and finer springs, the first aftermarket purchase for your new CZ P-09 shall be a good holster.  

Holsters are devided into two by-far most used groups:

  • outside the waistband holsters – also reffered to as OWB, and
  • inside the waistband holsters – also reffered to as IWB.

Which type of holster to select? We show the advantages and disadvantages both in detail.

Outside the waistband holsters

OWB holsters (OWB = outside the waistband) are holsters that are designed to be positioned outside of the pants. There are more types of solutions as how to attach the holster to the pants, but all of the holsters that are outside of the pants are OWB holsters. 

CZ P09 OWB holsters
CZ P09 OWB holsters

As these holsters are designed to be positioned outside of your pants, they are quite comfortable to wear as they do not push you. Also as the holster is more approachable, it gives more easy draw.

The negative of OWB holsters is the limited concealment. You can hide the holster but you have to wear cloths that can be put over it – i.e. longer shirts, jackets, etc. If you go out in the summer just with shorts and t-shirt, the holster will be visible.

Generally OWB holsters are more popular for full-sized pistols. From the family of CZ P-07 and CZ P-09 guns, we would recommend going for OWB holster for your CZ P-09 and IWB holster for CZ P-07. Why? The larger the gun, the larger the holster. And although its not impossible to wear full sized pistol in IWB holster, it can be not comfortable unless you are really used to it. And since CZ P-07 is compact sized, it will be also easier to holster it into CZ P-07 IWB holster.

Pros of OWB holster for P09

  • more comfortable to wear
  • allow easy and quick draw

Cons of OWB holster for CZ P09

  • a bit more difficult to conceal the holster
  • clothing must be taken into consideration for carry

Inside the waistband holsters

CZ P-09 is a full-size gun. For such, the IWB holster are the less common solution for holstering the gun. Its however not impossible and if you are OK with such large gun taking space inside of your pants, there are many holsters that will work for you.

CZ P09 IWB holsters
CZ P09 IWB holsters

The main advantage of IWB holster is that the gun is 100% concealed. Compared to outside the waistband holsters you dont have to take clothing into consideration at all.

The negative of IWB holsters is the tight position it is carried in.

As the name tells, IWB holsters are to be carried inside the pants. For small guns this is not such an issue, but for larger guns – such as P-09 – the less comfort is for many people too much of a factor. We would therefore recommend to get an OWB holster for gun as large as CZ P09.

Pros of IWB holster for CZ P09

  • full concealment
  • gun is closer to your body

Cons of IWB holster for CZ P09

  • considerably less comfortable compared to OWB
  • it is more difficult draw the gun given larger size