CZ 455 scope rings installation tutorial

Rifles from CZ 455 series use 11mm dovetail for installation of scope rings, similarly to CZ 457 models & other CZ rimfires. Although you can mount scope rings to your CZ 455 through picatinny scope base, in this guide we will show you how to install scope rings directly to the 11mm dovetail without need of any picatinny rail.

CZ 455 scope rings for 11mm dovetail

CZ 455 has many parts compatible with other CZ rimfires. Thanks to that you can get new made scope rings for CZ 457 and use them on your CZ 455 rifle without any issue. The dovetail is the same type. What type of dovetail is it? 11mm dovetail with 60 degrees angle.

Most common scope mounting solution is through picatinny (weaver) base. These scope mounts / scope rings however dont work on the factory dovetail as it needs picatinny base to be installed further to the rifle.

For this guide we will show how to install scope rings that attach directly to the factory 11mm dovetail. Therefore you will be able to install the rings without any additional rails, it will fit directly to the rifle dovetail.

We will not advise here which rings to use, it depends on how much you want to invest into your rifle, how large your scope is etc. Scope rings in the photo bellow are from JK-N manufacturer, but you will find also other producers.

How to install scope rings

First of all, make sure your rifle is with empty chamber and magazine removed from the rifle. Once that is secured, you can forward to the preparation for installation.

  1. Put your rifle into stable position securing it in firm hold. 
  2. Demount the scope rings. Usually the rings are manufactured in two pieces – upper and lower. For installation it is advised to open them up. Then you are installing only the lower part to the dovetail, not the complete set of rings.

    CZ 457 Scope Rings
    CZ 455 Scope Rings
  3. The rings are attached to the dovetail by set of screws. In order to be able to put the rings to the dovetail, its necessary to screw out the screws.
  4. Place the rings onto the dovetail so that the ring attachment embraces the 11mm dovetail.CZ 455 scope rings installed
  5. Once the rings are positioned appropriately, you can screw the screws in. So that the rings are attached to the dovetail.
  6. Now that the rings are installed to the dovetail, you can  go ahead and moun the actual scope in.CZ 455 scope mounted
  7. And you are done. The scope rings are installed to the dovetail, the scope is installed into the scope rings.

Video manual