How to mount red dot to standard CZ P10C

How to mount a red dot to CZ P10C

If you got a classic CZ P10C without the red dot cut in the slide, you still have a shot on mounting a red dot. We show you how.

Classic P10C vs optics ready P10C

Just to make thing clear, we are describing here how to mount a red dot to a classic CZ P-10C.  If you are looking for a guide on how to install a red dot to optics ready version of CZ P10C, make sure to check this article instead.

In other words, we are describing how to mount a red dot CZ P-10C without the slide milled from factory.

CZ P10C vs CZ P10C optics ready

There are basically two ways how to install a red dot to your gun if it is not optics ready model:

  • by getting a red dot mount, or
  • by getting the slide milled.

We will look closely into both of those.

CZ P10C red dot mount

This solution uses the cut for rear sight in the dovetail of CZ P10C.

CZ P10C rear sight dovetail cut

You will replace the rear sight in the cut with a red dot mount. 

The red dot mounts have to have the same cut as the rear sight. In other words, it has to be a red dot mount made specifically for CZ P-10 models.

Whether such mount is made for CZ P10C, CZ P10F or CZ P10S makes no difference as all these models use the same dovetail cut. 

CZ P10C rear sight cut

You will need to remove the rear sight from the dovetail – either by knocking it out, using a sight pusher or leaving the job to a gunsmith.

Then you isntall the red dot mount in.

Which red dot mount to get

Selection of the red dot mount depends on the red dot you intend to use.

There are various red dot footprints that are shared by many red dot manufacturers. Such as Trijicon RMR footprint that can be used also for Holosun 407C, Holosun 507C or Holosun 508T.

CZ P10C red dot mounts

You can also find universal red dot mounts that have a number of holes and pins to be inserted into the proper position and thus create the proper mounting base for specific red dot.

So first decide which red dot to get to your gun, and then get the matching red dot mount. With the knowledge that one footprint is shared by many manufacturers, it will be easier for you to find the proper mount.

Getting the slide milled

Second option is to get the slide milled. This solution will allow the red dot to be seated lower.

CZ P10C with milled slide

There are many milling options on the market. You will be able to choose whether you want the slide milled in front of the rear sight cut, at its position etc. You can also have a new cut to be still able to use fixed sights to cowitness with the rear sights. Getting the slide milled simply gives you more options.

However, with slide milling you need to choose a red dot for which it shall be fitting. Because unlike the CZ P10C optics ready models, the slide milling does not give a universal cut. Thus you do not have the option to accomodate any red dot footprint with a red dot plate anymore.

CZ P10C with milled slide and repositioned sights

On the negative side, getting a slide milled is a modification of a gun and you may have issues with warranty repairs.

Also if you ever consider selling the gun, you can expect the value drop because of it too.

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