Holosun EPS footprint compatibility

On what mount can you install Holosun EPS? And with which optics can you share the same mount? In this article we look in detail into the Holosun EPS mounting surface.

What footprint is the Holosun EPS?

Holosun EPS red dot uses the same footprint as Holosun K-series standard.

The footprint pattern of EPS is not 100% the same as the K-series, but it fits without need of any modification.

Pattern from Holosun K-series footprint standard

What is different is that instead of two sockets in the front as for K-series, EPS instead has 4 sockets in the front. Nevertheless, the two more distant sockets are the same dimensions as the K-series sockets, so they fit as they come. Also the screw holes are the same position as for the K-series standard.

That means that you will be able to use the same red dot mount and red dot plate as Holosun K-serie uses.


In other words, any red dot mount or plate made to fit K-series footprint will also work for your EPS.

You can see more red dots compatible with Holosun K-series footprint in this article.

Holosun EPS pattern

The K-series pattern consists of two sockets in the front corners of the front of the sight and of two screw holes in the rear of the sight.

The front socketes are 17mm / 0.66 inches far from each other. Position of these two sockets corresponds to position of pins that are on a mounting surface of any mount for this standard.

Holosun K-series footprint

The screw holes are positioned in the rear part of the optic device. These function for fixation of the sight to the mounts. These two screw holes are 14mm / 0.55 inches far from each other.

The screws that are to be used for these screw holes are always included in the package with the sight.

Modification of Shield RMSc footprint

The K-series footprint standard is basically a variation of the Shield RMS footprint standard. Compared to Shield RMS, the K-series pattern uses two less sockets – it does not have the sockets in the back of the optic. And also the front sockets are more shallow and thus the pins on the mount have to be shortened.

Shield RMS footprint

Instead of getting mount directly for Holosun K-series footprint standard, you could also modify the Shield RMSc standard. But it can be a tricky operation. It can easily happen that during the modification the mount is damaged so that it no longer fits the rear sight dovetail cut, and thus cannot be used. Once modified, you also lose warranty from the seller.

Other optics sharing the same footprint

Other than Holosun EPS, this footprint is also used for other red dots. You can use the same mounting profile also for following optics:

Holosun EPS

Other red dot footprint standards

Holosun EPS uses the Holosun K-series footprint standard. That is not the only standard on the market. Below you can find other popular mounting standards: