CZ TS 2 sights compatibility

Which sights will work on your CZ TS 2? Or vice versa – on what models can you also use sights made for CZ TS 2? In other words, in this article we will explain the compatibility of CZ TS 2 sights.

Rear sight profile

CZ  TS 2 uses the CZ TS 2 rear sight profile.

This rear sight profile is shared among many models from the Tactical Sports series.

CZ TS 2 rear sight cutFront sight profile

CZ TS 2 uses the CZ 75 series front sight standard.

The CZ 75 series standard of front sight is used among most CZ metal handguns.

CZ 75 series front sight standard

Models with compatible sights

Here  you can find a list of CZ pistols with compatible sights.

You can use the  same sights on the guns listed below. With models accompanied by * make sure to read the footnote.

  • CZ TS 2
  • CZ TS 2 Deep Bronze
  • CZ TS 2 Racing Green
  • *CZ TS 2 Orange*
  • CZ 75 Tactical Sports
  • CZ TS Orange
  • *CZ TS Czechmate*

*Models listed with this sign use semi-compatible sights. The rear sights of these models are fully compatible, but the front sights are from the P-series front sight standard. That means that there is no place for insertion of the front sight pin to fixate the front sight in its position.

If you are looking for sights for these models make sure to check with the seller if they are able to replace the CZ 75 series front sight of the standard sight set with CZ P-series front sight type of adequate height. Alternatively you can firmly glue the CZ 75 series front sight in the dovetail. It does not sound the right way but my experience it will work too.

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