CZ P01 sights comparison

Different sights serve different purposes. In this article we will go through the sights replacement options for CZ P01 pistols.

Given the compatibility of parts between CZ P01 models, sights listed in this article will also work fine with other CZ P01 and CZ 75 Compact models.

We also wrote front sights selection guide for CZ P01 here, check that out for more insight to sights selection.

Tritium night sights

CZ P-01 Tritium Night Sights
CZ P-01 Tritium Night Sights

Aiming in night or just dark conditions can be very tricky. And that is why tritium night sights exist.

These sights function also in light conditions, yet the main advantage is in dark when day sights would not be usable at all.

With tritium sights – in day light conditions you will see white dots, in night conditions you will see green or red shining dots.   

Our choice

For self defense our choice would be the Meprolight tritium night sights as below.

As the CZ P01 is a compact sized pistol, these will match the compact sized gun by not making it any necessarily larger than needed.

If you want to shoot the gun also for sporting purposes, yet dont want to constantly switch between fiber optic sights and tritium sights, then go for the tritium fiber optic sights.

The ones from Truglo will serve perfectly both purposes as they shine in dark as well as in light conditions.

Suppressor sights

CZ P-01 with Suppressor Sights
CZ P-01 with Suppressor Sights

As the name suggests, these sights are supposed to work with suppressor. Why cannot standard sights be used? Simply because they would be too short and the aiming picture would interfere with the suppressor.

Standard height of CZ P01 sights is 5.5mm in the front and 8.3mm in the rear. With surpressor sights you will get cca 6 – 7mm higher. Thus your surpressor sights will be positioned somewhere around 12mm in the front sight and 15mm in the rear sight.

Fiber optic sights

CZ P-01 Fiber Optic Sights
CZ P-01 Fiber Optic Sights

The main advantage of fiber optic sights is its amazing visibility in good light conditions.

It does not matter if the light is from sun in outdoors, or from light in indoor shooting range. Once you have good light conditions, the fiber optic dot collects the light and transfers it into the dot visible from shooters position.

On the other hand in dark conditions these sights will not be very helpful in your aiming process. Because of its nature where the dot is visible because of collected light, if the light is zero, so is the visiblility of the fiber optic dot.

Also it shall be noted that fiber optic rod can be broken if you use the gun in very harsh conditions. But that is no issue since you can always easily replace those rods.

Also color of the fiber optic rods can be easily switched.  

Adjustable sights

CZ P-01 Adjustable Sights
CZ P-01 Adjustable Sights

As it is becoming clear by now, adjustable sights can also be put into category of fiber optic sights. And either these can be with fiber optic only in the front sight, or fiber optic in the rear sight and fiber optic in the front sight as well.

Its important to note if the adjustability is full, or only with respect to height. There are two types of adjustable sights being made: height adjustable and fully ajdustable (height & side adjustable)

Adjustability allows shooter to take into consideration windage and elevation. Also it allows positioning for different kinds of ammunition.

How to change sights? We wrote a complete guide, read it here.

Red dot sights

CZ P-01 Red Dot Sight
CZ P-01 Red Dot Sight

Red dots can be mounted to your CZ P01 although CZ does not offer “optics ready” version of the gun.

How? Either by milling the slide for red dot, or with red dot mount which works as a replacement for rear sight. 

Although milling is more popular due to lower position of the red dot, it will affect the warranty of your gun and also be permanent modification.

On the other hand red dot mount is always replaceable and you can turn from red dot back to iron sights anytime back.


Sights shall be selected by the intention for which they will be used, and of course on your personal prefferences.

You may use night sights for daily carry as well as little red dot on your compact P01 pistol.

Also, its nowhere said that you cannot use both! You can switch rear sight for red dot mount and vice versa. Sights replacement is not a permanent adjustment.

See more on the compatibility of CZ rear sights for CZ P01 and other models here: CZ P01 rear sight uses the same profile as CZ 75B.