CZ 455 scope base

CZ 455 models are discontinued since the introduction of new CZ 457 series. The CZ 455 rifles however have still a lot in common with the newest CZ rimfires, including many spare parts.

Thanks to that you can still today find accessories for the CZ 455 models: either from CZ itself, or from aftermarket manufacturers.

In this article we explain the scope base of CZ 455 rifles, and how you can mount a scope to the rifle.

CZ 455 vs CZ 457

Factory 11mm dovetail scope base

CZ 455 rifles come from factory with 11mm dovetail scope base. That is the same base as other CZ rimfires use: CZ 457 series as well as older models.

You can therefore use scope rings designed to fit CZ 457 on your CZ 455 rifle as well. Similarly as you can use CZ 457 magazines for CZ 455 rifles.

This is not truth for the picatinny rail though. As picatinny rails go in full length of the dovetail, the rail also goes over the ejection window. And the position of ejection window is different for CZ 457 rifles and different for CZ 455 rifles. For that reason you cannot use poicatinny rail designed for another rifle (although also for 11mm dovetail base) on CZ 455.

CZ 455 dovetail scope base

How to install a scope mount to your CZ 455 rifle? Either you can get scope mounts for the 11mm dovetail cut, or you can get picatinny rail made for CZ 455 and on the picatinny rail install scope mounts with picatinny or weaver interface. We will explain both below.

Scope mounts for 11mm dovetail base

One of the options is to use the factory 11mm dovetail as a base for the scope mount.

In such a case you are looking for 11mm dovetail mounting base that will function on the rifle. 

CZ 457 Scope Rings

You can install the scope rings directly to the dovetail. This solution, although it is simple, will not allow fast manipulation with the scope rings for easy demounting and mounting. Also there are less scope rings available to choose from which will be made for the 11mm dovetail base.

Transforming dovetail scope base into picatinny base

The other option is to tranform the factory 11mm dovetail base into picatinny base.

CZ 455 picatinny rail
CZ 455 picatinny rail

As outlined earlier in the article, if you decide to get a picatinny rail to your CZ 455, you have to go for a rail specifically for CZ 455. Otherwise you risk that the rail would interfere with the ejection window and block it.

CZ makes these rails in two variants: rail with 0 MOA, and rail with 25 MOA. 

Transforming the dovetail base into picatinny base by a rail will add it great functionality, as you will be now able to mount wide range of scope mounts & scope rings.

On the other hand this will also add some extra weight to your rifle as an extra intermediary part. And also this solution will cost you little more money compared just getting a scope mount with installation to the dovetail base.

Picatinny scope mount
Picatinny scope mount