Vortex Venom in detail

Vortex Venom is one of the most popular red dots on the market for few years already. This article is not a review of the red dot as such. Instead we provide you with details on the Vortex Venom red dot so that you can better decide whether this one fits your needs or not.

Mounting compatibility

Compatibility of red dots is measured by so called footprint.

What does footprint stand for? Well as any other footprint, it tells us what does the bottom of the red dot look like. And by that information we will understand what kind of mounting device we have to use in order to fit the red dot.

Why is it important? It is one thing to get the best red dot, but it can be another thing to be able to mount the red dot to the gun you want. Luckily, most of the manufacturers share 4 or 5 main types of footprints to accomodate its red dots.

Vortex Venom footprint

Vortex Venom is so popular that its footprint became a standard on the market. Thanks to that you can use many other red dots sharing the Vortex Venom footprint standard to the same mounting devices as Vortex Venom itself – whether red dot mount or red dot plate.

*Actually Vortex did not came up with this footprint standard by itself – it was first used by Docter red dots sights. As you will meet many more Vortex Venoms than Docter sights, lets just call it Vortex Venom footprint standard*

If you wonder which other red dots share the Vortex Venom footprint, and thus can use the very same mounting devices as Vortex Venom, check this article: Vortex Venom footprint standard.

Vortex Venom footprint standard

Vortex Venom footprint consists of four pins in each of the corners that will slide into the bottom of the red dot, and two holes for screws to fixate the red dot to the base from the top.

Screws for mounting of the red dot to the plate are always included in the red dot package.

3 MOA or 6 MOA dot?

As you can see below, Vortex Venom comes in two variants: 3 MOA and 6 MOA dot.

We write in more detail about the size of MOA and how to select the proper right version in this article. Make sure to read it for more details.

6 MOA vs 3 MOA

In shortcut though, the 3 MOA is better for longer distance shooting. So if you are more of a competition shooter, you shall be looking for 3 MOA red dot. On the other hand, if you want to use the red dot primarily for self defense, go rather for 6 MOA variant instead.


Vortex Venom (both versions of the red dot- 3 MOA and 6 MOA) is a compact sized red dot.

Vortex Venom size

The dimensions of the red dot are following:

Length: 48.3mm / 1.9 in
Width: 28.2mm / 1.11 in
Height: 25.9mm / 1.02 in
Weight: 30g / 1.05 oz

Vortex Venom window sizeThe dimensions of the red dot window is following:

Width: 26.4mm / 1.04 in
Height: 16mm / 0.63 in


You can download the following:

Frequently asked questions

You may be looking for answers to one of these questions. For each find the answer below.

What footprint is the Vortex Venom?

Vortex Venom red dot (both 3 MOA and 6 MOA version) uses the Vortex Venom footprint standard.

How to turn on Vortex Venom?

Press and release either the “up” or “down” arrow in order to turn the red dot on.

How to turn off Vortex Venom?

Press the “down” arrow for 5 seconds in order to turn the red dot off.

How to reset Vortex Venom?

Press and hold the “up” arrow until the dot flashes for two times in order to get into the manual mode of the red dot.

How to adjust Vortex Venom?

To adjust height you have to use the elevation screw on top of the tail of the red dot.

To adjust side you have to use the windage screw on the right side of the housing of the red dot.

What battery does Vortex Venom use?

Vortex Venom uses battery type CR1632.

Where is Vortex Venom made?

Vortex Venom is made in Philippines.

Technical data

Magnification 1x
Reticle 3 MOA Dot / 6 MOA Dot
Adjustment Graduation 1 MOA
Parallax Setting Parallax Free
Max Windage Adjustment 100 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment 130 MOA
Dot Color Bright Red
Dot Size 3 MOA / 6 MOA
Mount Type Weaver/Picatinny/Footprint
Eye Relief Unlimited
Length 1.9 inches
Weight 1.05 oz


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