Optics compatible with Vortex Venom footprint

Which red dot sight shares the same footprint as the Vortex Venom red dot? In this article we will go through the complete list of compatible optics.

Venom footprint dimensions

The Vortex Venom footprint consists of four sockets in the corners of the red dot sight. There are also two screw holes in the center of the pistol red dot.

The distance between front and rear sockets is 39mm (1.54 inches).

The distance between left and rear sockets is 20mm (0.79 inches)

Vortex Venom footprint

The screw holes are positioned in the center part of the red dot sight. These function for fixation of the sight to the mount.

These two screw holes are 14mm (0.55 inches) far from each other.

List of red dots compatible with Vortex Venom pattern

Vortex Venom base pattern is used not only by Vortex, but also by other manufacturers of red dots for full size pistols. Other than Venom this footprint will also fit with some red dots from Burris, Noblex Sightmark or even Leica.

Did you know that Noblex Docter is actually the original red dot that came up with this very footprint pattern? Over the time Vortex came up with red dot “Venom” that used the same pattern and because of the huge popularity of the red dot, we reffer to it as Vortex Venom footprint – instead of the original “Noblex Docter footprint”.

There are lots of red dots using this Vortex Venom footprint. And every year the number of compatible optics get higher. Thanks to that you can use the same mounting device for many different red dots.

Below you can find a complete list of current red dots sharing the same mounting pattern:

ADE Advanced Optics

  • ADE Advanced Optics RD3-006 Huracan
  • ADE Advanced Optics RD3-009 Crusader
  • ADE Advanced Optics RD3-012 Delta
  • ADE Advanced Optics RD3-013 Bertrillium
  • ADE Advanced Optics RD3-015 Zantitium


  • Athlon Midas TSR1

Burris Optics

  • Burris Fastfire 2
  • Burris Fastfire 3
  • Burris Fastfire 4

Docter / Noblex

  • Noblex NV Sight II plus
  • Noblex NV Sight III
  • Noblex NV Sight C
  • Noblex NV Sight G


  • Leica Tempus


  • MAKdot SH


  • Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec

US Optics

  • US Optics DRS 2.0
  • US Optics DRS 2.0 Enhanced

Vector Optics

  • Vector Optics Frenzy 1x17x24
  • Vector Optics Frenzy 1x20x28


  • Vortex Venom
  • Vortex Viper

See the up-to-date list of compatible red dots at the Vortex Venom footprint standard post here.

Red dot mounts using the same footprint

There are many options how to mount the red dot to your pistol.

Below we go through all of the possible methods.


These are to be used for pistols that have already from production slide cut – be it “optics ready” models or “MOS” models.

Plates are designed to fit a universal slide cut and make it a specific surface that will fit specific red dots. There are also guns cut from production which will accomodate specific footprint, but those are less common. Usually you will find out universal cut and plate which will make it into specific footprint.

Vortex Venom plate

Because Vortex  Venom is a very popular red dot sight among shooters, you can easily find adapter plate with this footprint for any optics ready pistols out there on the market.


Another option is a Vortex Venom footprint red dot mount. Based on the mounting surface, there are two types of these.

Picatinny mounts

Mounts for picatinny are the most common mounting devices available. These are most often used for carbines as that is the standard optic mounting surface for such guns.

If any Vortex Venom footprint red dot mount fits picatinny rail, it will also fit weaver rail.

Dovetail mounts

Dovetail mounts function as a replacement of a rear sight in the dovetail cut.

These mounts have a base shaped in the same type as the dovetail cut of a gun. Once you remove the sight from its position, you can just replace it with the mount and it will work as a mounting device for the pistol red dot sights.


There are different dovetail mounts for different footprints as well as for different handguns.

Milled slide

Third option is to get your slide milled. This option works for standard pistols (non optics ready).

Milling makes the gun ready for specific optics. That means that you no longer need to use any plate to instal the red dot, the milling process cuts the slide in its desired pattern already.

With milling you can also specify the exact position of the cut and also possibly the position of the cowitness sights.

CZ P01 slide milled

Big benefit is that you do not need any additional plates or mounts because the red dot just fits into the cut.

On the negative side though, once you modify your gun this way, you usually lose warranty as it is a permanent change of the pistol. Thus such operation is on your own risk.

Most popular red dots with Vortex Venom footprint

We dont make a complete list here, but here are our two red dots with Vortex Venom footprint that you will meet the most often.

Vortex Venom

Vortex Venom is by far the most popular red dot with the described footprint pattern.

Its rather standard dimensions make it a perfect fit for any full size gun. On the other hand, for compact guns it may be too loarge device compared to the gun itself.

The benefit of larger size of the red dot is extremely big window. That becomes handy especially during target acquisition and transition.

Vortex Venom

The body of the red dot is made of aluminium, making sure it will survive very harsh treatment. These optics also come with lifetime warranty, which speaks for itself.

Batter life is up to 3 000 hours in lower conditions, and up to 150 hours with the highest setting.

Check the current availability and pricing of Vortex Venom red dot here:

Burris Fastfire 4

Burris Fastfire has very large window secures the quickest aiming process possible.

Similarly to Venom, this red dot sight will fit by its size foremostly full size pistols.

Burris Fastfire 4

The battery is standard CR1632 and can last up to 26 thousand hours on medium brightness.

Check out the current price offerings for Burris Fastfire IV here.

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