CZ TS 2 Orange sights compatibility

Which sights will work on your CZ TS 2 Orange? Or vice versa – on what models can you also use sights made for CZ TS 2 Orange? In other words, in this article we will explain the compatibility of CZ TS 2 Orange sights.

Rear sight profile

CZ  TS 2 Orange uses the CZ TS 2 rear sight profile.

This rear sight profile is shared among many models from the Tactical Sports series.

CZ TS 2 rear sight cutFront sight profile

CZ TS 2 Orange uses atypically the CZ P-series front sight standard.

The CZ P-series standard of front sight is used usually for CZ polymer handguns. However, you can also find such on some “Orange” models, incl. CZ TS 2 Orange.

CZ P-series front sight standardThe fact that CZ TS 2 Orange uses P-series type front sight will be a little bit of a trouble for you.

Why? Most of the sights on the market are made for all the other CZ TS 2 models which are equipped with the CZ 75 series front sights.

You will either have to be looking for specific front sight of adequate height in the P-series style, or you will have to solve differently – as per footnote.

Models with compatible sights

Here  you can find a list of CZ pistols with compatible sights.

You can use the  same sights on the guns listed below. With models accompanied by * make sure to read the footnote.

  • *CZ TS 2*
  • *CZ TS 2 Deep Bronze*
  • *CZ TS 2 Racing Green*
  • CZ TS 2 Orange
  • *CZ 75 Tactical Sports*
  • *CZ TS Orange*
  • CZ TS Czechmate

*Models listed with this sign use semi-compatible sights. The rear sights of these models are fully compatible, but the front sights are from the standard CZ 75 series front sight standard.

Most of the CZ TS 2 sights you will find are made for the CZ 75 series front sights and thus you have two options how to mount such on your CZ TS 2 Orange:

  • check with the the seller if they are able to replace the CZ 75 series front sight of the standard sights with CZ P-series front sight type of adequate height; or
  • you can glue firmly the CZ 75 series front sight in the dovetail – it does not sound the too serious advise, right but my experience it will work too.

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