CZ P10M: which holster to buy

After you buy a new pistol, you have to get a holster for it. Otherwise how would you carry it around? In this article we will show which types of holsters are available for the CZ P10M pistol. So that you can select the best one.

Types of holsters for CZ P10M

There are many holsters to choose from. They vary in materials, in its size, in its construction, the size of sweatguard, etc. But the main differentiation between holsters is how they are carried. There are two types of holsters from this perspective:

  • outside the waistband holsters – OWB
  • inside the waistband holsters – IWB

OWB holsters

As it says in its name, the outside the waistband holsters are carried around on the outer side of your pants.

CZ P10M OWB leather holster

This holstering solution is popular mostly for larger handguns. Why? Because the OWB holster bring more comfort as the gun is not pushing you into your body, but is outside and thus does not interfere with your body at all.

On the other hand, as the gun is outside of the pants, this type of holstering is more tricky for concealment. You can definitely hide the holster and the holstered gun even with OWB holster, but you have to take clothing into consideration.

CZ P10M OWB holster

Pros of OWB

  • more comfort
  • gun is more easily approached

Cons of OWB

  • a bit more difficult for concealment
  • belt and clothing has to be taken into consideration

IWB holsters

Compared to OWB holsters, the IWB holsters offer 100% concealment because the gun is hidden inside the pants.

With this type of holster you also dont need to take into consideration clothing. Unless you walk without t-shirt.

CZ P10M IWB holsters

On the other side, this holstering provides less comfort compared to OWB. That however applies mainly for larger format handguns, which CZ P10M definitely is not.

CZ P10M IWB holster with tactical light

This solution also gives you more control over your gun, as it is closer to your body.

What some new shooters may find tricky is that the gun is more difficult to draw a gun when holstered in IWB holster. That can however be solved by little bit of training.

Pros of IWB holster

  • easy concealmetn
  • more control over the gun

Cons of IWB holster

  • for P10M just little less comforatble to wear
  • can be more difficult to draw for begginers

CZ P10M IWB holster

Our choice

For guns of this size we would go straight for IWB holster. The CZ P10M is so little that the little discomfort from IWB carry is easily not recognizable. Compared to CZ P10S, the CZ P10M is also thinner and thus the discomfort is minimal.

CZ P10M IWB holster

As the CZ P10M is equipped only with 7rnd magazine, we would for sure also get also some holster for an extra magazine – just in case.