CZ 600 series models

CZ has a long tradition of long rifle production: be it rimfire or centerfire rifles. In 2022 CZ arrived with its very new centerfire rifle series: CZ 600. Lets take a detailed look into the models from CZ 600 series.

New features

New CZ 600 rifles come with few unique features for the first time of CZ rifles:

  • Special construction of bolt that secures 100% feed of the ammunition in all shooting positions, protected by international patent.
  • New vertical safety that operates completely soundless.
  • New magazine system that is detachable or locked based user.
  • Extremely easy disassembly. 

Scope base

CZ 600 rifles come in two variants when it comes to scope base:

  • picatinny base, and
  • remington 700 type base.
CZ 600 with Remington 700 type scope base
CZ 600 with Remington 700 type scope base

Picatinny base

Picatinny scope base system allows very wide range of sopce mounts / scope rings to be installed. You can mount basicaly any scope mount that is designed for picatinny, or for weaver rail.

Which modes come with picatinny scope base? It is the following models:

CZ 600 picatinny rails
CZ 600 picatinny rails

Remington 700 base

Remington 700 base allows also wide range accessories to be mounted. You can either make it into picatinny base – by installing a picatinny rail to the remington 700 base. Or you can install any accessories directly to the picatinny 700 scope base.

You can find folllowing modes with remington 700 scope base:

CZ 600 Lux
CZ 600 Lux

It is needed to note that the rifles come with differently sized bases based on the model and caliber. Therefore you have to choose from 3 sizes of the bases:

  • mini,
  • medium, and
  • long.
CZ 600 scope mounts
CZ 600 scope mounts

Scope mounts can be mounted directy to the base and you can find both one-piece scope mounts, as well as two piece scope mounts. Full overview of CZ 600 scope mount bases in this article.

Available barrels

CZ 600 rifles come in wide range of avaiable barrels: from 16″ size up to 24″ barrels.

The length of barrel is always optimaized for the specific caliber.

The barres are made by cold hammer forging, thus securing its longevity as well as accuracy.

CZ 600 models

CZ at the moment of writing producers CZ 600 in 5 versions:


How do these models differ?

The spare parts of CZ 600 are mosty interchangeable, the rifes differ between each other in other parts.

Each mode has specific stock / chassis, they have different barrel lengths.

Also some rifes come with picatinny scope base, while other come with remington 700 type basis. Some also come from factory with iron sights (CZ 600 Lux).

And foremostly each model is availabe in different calibers. While CZ 600 Alpha may be avaiable in 9 different calibers, CZ 600 Range is available only in two calibers.